G-Code and Camera on same tab

If possible I'd like a plugin that puts the cam video and g-code viewer side by side on a tab. (Even better if we could get recordings of the g-code and cam footage as it prints. This would help allot in diagnosing when things go sideways.)

I don't know if the Pi3 can handle such a workload and still reliably stream code to the printer. I'm really new to this so please don't go bananas if it's a ridiculous/impossible request.

OT: Nice to see centralized place for support. I hope it catches on :smiley:


What do you consider "side by side" here? Actually putting them side by side (instead of one above the other) would become a bit cramped, even if the UI would spread across the whole width of a common wide-screen monitor.

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Good point & understood. Over and under would work fine as well :smiley:

I think a monitoring page like this would suffice. Gcode viewer and temperature as small items with a webcam box at "full size" (or whatever size it is that happens to fit, obviously a 1080p image won't fit in there).


Yes that is exactly the info I'd like to see on a monitoring page. And the controls moved to the left drop down is brilliant. You don't loose any current functionality and yet with a glance get an idea of whats happening.
(Sorry it took so long to respond. Life.)

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well the left hand controls are already a plugin that (mostly) works, that I made for myself because I was tired of flicking back and forth between the control tab to move, and the terminal tab to see output. They're not registered in the repository because they aren't finished (although they do work just fine but are a bit buggy, i.e. you can't collapse them for example).

https://github.com/ntoff/OctoPrint-Ui although I wouldn't use them unless you're me or desperate for left hand controls.

The idea was to have the controls on the left, and that monitoring page on the right but I haven't been able to figure out how to easily get all the elements into that one tab without driving myself insane. If anyone cares to lend a hand, feel free to add your 2 cents, or steal my code and continue on to glory, that's fine too (being open source and all).

I might be able to make this happen. I've created a working merge of the terminal and temperature tab...

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Yeah I saw that. If you want to take a look at my left hand controls thing and maybe integrate that so you can do everything from one page without having to change tabs to do everything, feel free. It's unlikely I'll ever figure out how to get my design to work with the gcode, camera, and temperature all on one tab.

I know this an old topic but wanted to let you guys know of my latest Consolidated Tabs plugin that has been around for some time, but the latest updates make it way easier to configure now.

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