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G29 (bed mesh) editor plugin


Is there a plugin available to edit a G29 MBL mesh? I found only one for UBL.


Does that one not work for MBL as well? I suppose you could enable UBL and use a manual probe option in Marlin. Wonder if the EEPROM Settings editor would allow you to adjust that.

With Knutwurst Firmware UBL is not enabled. I like to avoid building my own firmware if this is necessary. But I am far away from an expert there. :slight_smile:

I'd ask the author of OctoPrint-UBLMeshEdit (open an issue on the project) for help. I think the gcode commands are similar if not identical. If the author doesn't want to add MBL support, they may be willing to assist you with a fork of the project.

The "hard" part, the UI, is already done.

The UBL Mesh edit plugin says on its homepage that ABL or MBL setups will provide basic functionality, so maybe it's worth trying.

Actually, I've been pretty clear that it does not support MBL. ABL can work with some limited functionality, but MBL is too quirky and I don't want to try to support every edge/fringe case.

edit: There are already at least 3 issues for this. Please don't encourage more! :smiley:

If you can't or just won't take a look at using UBL instead, feel free to take a look at the first iteration of the plugin, which was for MBL only:GitHub - The-EG/OctoPrint-ManualMeshEditor
Be aware, it was unfinished and it's completely unsupported and I will not be updating it. I decided part way through developing it that using UBL was a better approach than trying to code around all the MBL oddities.


Looks perfectly like I am looking for. A simple GUI to edit the mesh. Perhaps I will fork it too fix issues…

Additionally will request in Knutwurst Mega S Firmware to support UBL. But perhaps there is a reason that it is not…