GCode Estimator

I should ascertain the processed processing times of the individual tools for approx. 30,000 G-Code files!
What could be more obvious than looking for a routine?
When researching a routine found Octoprint, and here the class octoprint.filemanager.analysis.GcodeAnalysisQueue.
My questions:
• Is the logic universal, or only applicable to 3D printers?
• Provide the methods for the total processing time, or even times per tool?
• Is it possible to determine the information per server request?
o I intend to write my application in C #
o Alternatively, I could write the program in Python
Does anyone have an example in Python with the application of the class: octoprint.filemanager.analysis.GcodeAnalysisQueue.

To be honest, the built-in estimator which OctoPrint uses sometimes has its critics. There are some new plugins in the latest major release which have now off-loaded that functionality and appear to be doing a better job.

That said, Cura as an external slicer adds some good guestimates within the comments in the GCODE. And the other popular slicers probably do, too. Just write something that simply farms the comments for this information.

you should be able to convert mine gcodestat from C to C# inside an hour

it's far from ideal but is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more precise then octoprint's routine as it actually reads the g-code (the octoprint's routine measures how many bytes are gone in what time vs how many bytes are left to send pretty much ignoring the g-code content)