Gcode Temps not read by Octoprint with webcam plugged in

I just bought a Logitech 920s webcam and pugged it into the USB port on the raspberry PI. I was looking forward to using the Octolapse plugin. The video stream works well, but when I start a print via Octoprint, the print starts before nozzle and print bed are up to temp. I also suspect the extruder is not working either, but I stop the print because of the temp issue.I discovered when I start Octoprint in safe mode, it starts and prints as expected. I have updated firmware of the printer with no change. Octoprint has to run in safe mode if I have webcam plugged in.

That does not make sense, mostly because you haven't tested with the webcam unplugged, I would say it probably behaves the same.

It's likely OctoLapse - it has a test mode, that will make the movements of the print but not heat up or extrude. This is so you can test your settings, since the config can be quite complex. Try disabling OctoLapse's test mode.

Thanks for the reply... I did not include all the things that I tried before this post. I only made mention of the one thing that showed any change., Octoprint in safe mode. For the record, I did try with camera unplugged and it worked as expected.
None-the-less, You were correct in your feedback that Octolapse has a test feature that, if enabled, temps would not become active at the start. I disabled this (I wasn't aware of the feature or that I had it enabled) and now all is good. Thanks for the information.

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