GCode Viewer Format changed

I installed Astroprint plugin and since have had problems with the stock GCODE Viewer. The progress and layer scroll bars moved to opposite sides of the screen and are obscured by the workspace. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Astroprint and tried resetting the GCODE Viewer plugin, no luck. Any help to restore this plugin as it is one of my more heavily used (AND appreciated) tabs.

I have uploaded a screen shot, I did disable themeify and try resetting as many things back to default as possible, I'm sure I am missing the key setting.

Hello @Doorman352!

Have you already tried safe mode?

Astroprint is unlikely to have affected this, it's probably coincidence and there is another plugin interfering.

It works normally in Safe Mode. I did the 1.5.1 update the day before and everything was working normally. The last thing I did was install and setup the Astroprint plugin. After a restart, the screen was formatted differently. I have uninstalled all the plugins I've added. I'll just reload the SD card and start over. Thanks for the suggestion, at least I know it's that plugin and I'll avoid it.

Reloaded and updated back to 1.5.1, everything is working normally.

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