GCODE viewer -> Path View?


Seems to me the Terminal Tab is more of a GCODE viewer, GCODE is the text, Why not call that tab the "GCODE Plotter" or parhaps "Path Plotter"?


The terminal tab is for entering or viewing direct serial communication. Hence why it's called terminal.
Sure you can enter in gcode commands, but this is a 'direct access' to your printers serial line.

Afaik there Is no direct gcode viewer or editor.


I'm suggesting that the "GCODE Viewer" tab be renamed GCODE PLOTTER or "PATH PLOTTER" (changed to “Path View”)

There is a plug-in for doing GCODE editing. I think is should be a standard plug-in IMHO.


gcode viewer is just fine
you get a graphical view of the gcode

it isn't a plotter.
you can go freely through the gcode back and forward.


Exactly, so call it "Graph" or "Path View".


seems like bike shedding.


It’s a misnomer, your not viewing GCode, your viewing the result of the GCode being executed, which is a path that the printer is being commanded to move thru. Maybe an even better term would be a Path Explorer. You can zoom up an down the various layers of the 3d Path.

While I'm at it, "Control" is a misnomer for that tab and should perhaps be called the "Camera" tab.