Geeetech's Color Mixer


I just got the Geetech A10T in two weeks ago. It was my first time ever to own a 3d printer. So where can I find the plug-in for Color mixer for octoprint? This is simple like Geeetech's color mixer. Here a picture.

Thank you!

Here you can find all the plugins for OctoPrint:

As it seems, there is no plugin for this.
The images seem to be from a post processor.

I don't know if it is possible to change the colors on the fly.
If yes and a plugin could be written, the plugin author should have a A10T to make it work.

You can still use the program you mention above - use your slicer to export the gcode, then use this Geeetech color mixer and then export the gcode, then upload it to OctoPrint.

Both Cura and PrusaSlicer (and probably other smaller slicers) have colour mixing built in - this is not something OctoPrint should do, but the slicer.

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