Genuino 101 for Octoprint

Hello, I am a noob regarding boot-loaders and all this things to update firmware. I wanted to know if I could use a Genuino 101 instead of a raspberry pi because i have the Genuino laying around. I have an Ender 3 and I plan on getting a few other mods like thermal runaway protection. I just want octoprint to time-lapse my prints and all the other features are bonuses. I also want to know if I need to get a specific camera or if a off-brand go pro works for the recording. Thanks for the help and if it isn't for here please tell me where I can find answers.

If the genuino is just a fancy arduino, then no, it can't run OctoPrint. OctoPrint isn't "firmware" like marlin or repetier, it doesn't run on the printer. OctoPrint is a host program, like Repetier Host or Printrun, that runs on a computer (regular pc, mac, raspberry pi, anything that can run linux/osx/windows).

As for cameras, I don't know how up to date the list is but:

Ok thanks, from what i understand the Genuino 101 is a better version of the Arduino UNO. One more question, is it possible to just run octoprint on windows and directly connect my printer to my pc? If so the camera question still applies. If it isnt possible ill invest in a raspberry Pi. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
EDIT: I reread your awnser, and my question is how do you put octoprint on the computer? are there any online tutorials? ill check the website you sent for the camera

The Genuino 101 is the Arduino 101, which was an Intel attempt at competing in the Arduino/AVR space. It's a 32mhz processor with a little bit of RAM and has an AVR processor too (IIRC). But it's effectively an Arduino board, not a computer that happens to have Arduino pins or anything (like the Intel Galileo was).

Here are the installation steps for running Octoprint on Windows, but.. it's not what most people do. About 4% of installations are on Windows according to some stats we've seen. For a $35 board plus a good power supply you will have Octoprint running on a Pi, which is cheap compared to the time you'd spend on the Windows setup.

Thanks for letting me know i will invest in a Pi. Also do i need to get a monitor to set up the pi every time i want to print or is it from the browser?

It's from the browser, so you can control it from any computer on your network.

Thanks for everything ill be downloading soon!

Like danb said, no, but having a keyboard/mouse/monitor you can use for the initial setup of the Pi can be really handy. You can borrow it from your main computer, probably.

I have a keyboard and ill use my tv as a monitor

Intel wants to be in this Arduino/Raspberry market space but honestly, in my humble opinion, they're failing on the software and support side of things.

Note that the Genuino's USB port is Revision 1.1 support (not even 2.0). Jeez. No integrated wireless.

Well, they did 5-8 years ago. They totally gave up on the 'duino side, though the low-end stuff like Pi isn't bad (such as this, still sitting on my desk).

Looks like a sexy beast.

Yeah, I've got an Intel Edison with breakout board which is nice enough. It's in the Yocto space if you're into that. I was pleased to see that it came with NodeJS installed for their own laughable API which included, like, one endpoint as I recall (hostname). It was a sad experience over on Intel's support forum.