Gestion plugins (filaments and général)

I read several dozen pages without really finding a simple answer.
For some no pluggin works.
Have you used a plugin which manages the filaments and which works? If so, which one and which GPIO pin and pin number to the raspberry standard you are using.
Because I'm struggling, suspect that my raspberry was destroyed after testing on a bad spindle.
Which plugin, which gpio pin works, seems like a simple question to me that would help the octiprint community.
after that remains the problem of plugins, have little to thank the authors of plugins and understand that they can no longer support them.
Have a kind of flag indicating that this pluggin has not been supported for x time and may not be valid for the current version of Octiprint. See it disappear from the catalog.
This would avoid wasted time and potential errors, the flag could be set by the author or recognized tester.
Thank you