getAdditionalControls examples / help

I've been tinkering with a new plugin this weekend, and I've made some progress but can't get the frontend controls to display. I've been trying to use getAdditionalControls(), and I've followed along with one other plugin I saw using it, but nothing will show up for me.

I have a feeling it's a silly mistake (syntax error, incorrect format, etc) that I'm not seeing, so I thought maybe checking out some other examples would help. There isn't much info in the docs on it yet to compare against. Are there any other examples around? I looked through a few a few other plugins that add controls but they used other methods like injecting HTML into the form directly, which didn't seem as nice.

I've got the settings part working well, all I need to add are two buttons that run some gcode.

If anyone is curious, here is what I have so far:

Change this line to self.settings = parameters[0]; and the following line to self.controlViewModel = parameters[1];. JavaScript arrays are zero based.

Another example is my BLTouch plugin...

Thanks! I knew it was something silly I was overlooking. I had another line above those and another corresponding entry in dependencies at the bottom, and when I removed the dependency and the other line, I forgot to shift the indices down.

Now the buttons show, I need to work on the formatting and check that it actually does what I want.

Thanks again!

Cool, don't forget to mark the fix as solution.