Getting access to the video stream?


I'm looking to create a plugin to stream the video. I was looking to use raspivid to get ahold of the video I see in octoprint, but I get an ENOSPC error (and even tried upping the GPU memory to 256). I assume this means I can't get ahold of the video stream there.

How can I get ahold of the video stream? (I know very little about video on linux)

Thanks for your time!

The video is already streamed by mjpg-streamer / No need for extra software

Ahh.. Well, I'm trying to pipe that stream to twitch. Not just have a local view. (That's what I'm seeing mjpg-streamer doing, but I could definitely be wrong!)


OK, so looks like I was getting the ENOSPC error because mjpg-streamer was using the camera. Once I stopped that I could use raspivid. That's an issue! :slight_smile: