Getting rid of lightning bolt

Interesting. I hadn't considered that. Regardless, there was (is) no USB connections between the power supply and the Pi except the USB connection on the Pi itself for the power connection. The USB Power Blocker was inserted into USB port on the back, in between the Pi and the USB cable to the printer's main board. I just wanted to make sure there was no power being back fed between the 2, The USB power connector has been taken out of the equation for almost a week, and there have been no more lightning bolts. So I assume that was part of the issue. I just don;t know if it was creating the issue, or exposing another issue.

Tigercjn, do you have a suggestion for a good power supply ??

On my side I was tired with the RasPi power issues and its stupid "3 fake amps" USB power chord + PSU...
I hooked a 5V 5A PSU to the GPIO pins.
I modified a USB cable ; I didn't use tape, but, using pliers, I stripped the "power finger" from the USB B male connector

Now, I can connect a 7" capacitive touch LCD + USB wireless keyboard + mouse + webcam + USB WiFi dongle (onboard WiFi is crap) to RPi 3B+ without an issue !

2 years ago. So far so good. With two RPi's.

1 Like I'm confused. Did you use a USB cable, or did you use the 5v 5a psi cable ? Which pins did you connect to ? I understand regardless of which cable you use, it will have to be cut and female pins placed on the wires to connect to the GPIO pins.

You need a recommended one for Pi, Just check you get the right plug as they have changed recently.


That's basically what I have...5v, 3a. If that is a "better" quality power supply, then I'll get it, but right now, I don't see a difference between that and what I have.

What do you think of "just another average joe's" idea of running a 5v5a supply straight to the GPIO pins (I think that's what he did) ??

I would stick with the design of the existing power input. If your power supply is off a phone chances it is not the best. If it came with your Pi then it should be ok, I also thought mine was ok but after I added some extra plugins and moved to python 3, I started seeing problems, once I change the supply it seems faster and its now 100% better with no errors, no limited functions or lightning bolt displayed.
I would still get one of the recommended supplies if you are still having problems. They are most likely old school regulated supplies where the new phone ones are cheaper to produce.

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