Ghostbin: decent site to use for log uploads

No login required, not ad-encumbered (yet). Might be a good place to recommend for log uploads, removing the need to zip and/or download them before being able to view 'em.

The latest pull of the devel branch of OctoPrint seems to have incorporated an error tracking plugin that utilizes I'm sure that will drastically help @foosel with her debugging of issues. I realize not the same type of service, but putting it out there in case any developers were interested in adopting their code to utilize something more centralized than gathering logs from multiple users, etc.

Actually, it's also on maintenance and will be in 1.3.11 already. Disabled by default though. RC release channels will prompt for enabling since it should help a ton with bugs in the RCs. It was more or less an idea by @tedder42 taking further :+1: