Going Full Crazy on a enclosure for my Anet A8

Ok, so this is my first time posting here however this project is going down in the books. I have an Anet A8 that I paid 180 for on amazon! Surely this thing is going to be terrible right. As I was putting it together I saw all of these posts and videos of it being not so safe. So the first thing I did was upgrade to skynet at power up then saw a post on octopi, I had 3 extra raspberries so of course octo and skynet. I will skip past all of the general learning curves here and get right to business. Off to printing upgraded parts for my new printer and learned a lot doing it. Speeds, heat levels, bed level etc. Ok so off to the races hahaha. Now you must understand I am a low volt technician of 19 yrs experience and wiring is just generally no issue for me no matter what it is. Ex: Skynet and raspbi upgrade took me less than 30 min and setting up router to DHCP reservation with custom DNS done.
SO, Now I have put this thing in a network cabinet added lighting, power supplies and relays and want to control it all through octopi cabinet plugin. Yeah so sainsmart relays work on active low UG but I had an extra 16ch lol so steppers should be here by Monday, grr. Is there anything that anybody could point out before I go further?
My plan is to have a contact on the glass door for open/close status, two upper exaughst fans controlled independently based on cab temp, pi fan based on pi temp, standard led lighting, possibly some print active lighting for time lapse, definitely a big red stop button on the top but this will most likely be handled at the PSU "aka power supply unit" along with smoke/heat detector N/O combo unit. However, the pi will stay powered so it can notify me of the input of such an event. My ultimate goal here is to have a bad to the bone cab easily replacing an Anet A8 in minutes. Completely controlled environment for safety, easily moved, etc. My current hangup is getting any of many of my IP cams to stream properly but... I am a cctv/access/alarm/network/fire/audio of any kind: Industrial, commercial, residential advanced tech. Anyone else in this boat?

Here is the link: