Google Assistant for RPi 3

This can be deployed on an RPi3/3+. Could be very interesting to be able to command the printer.

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I don't see anything about needing to do port-forwarding in your router. It would be interesting to see how the communications take place. It's likely initiated by the device, authenticates in the cloud (I'm assuming) and then takes advantage of your services (which sound just like Amazon's Skills, to be honest).

Guess I'll take a look at it, though.

What I've done so far:

  1. Fully-functioning Amazon Skillset to control the printer. That took three full days to get something going.
  2. I've also done some initial work with Snips which doesn't need the cloud after deployment. It took perhaps only an hour to get this an intent going.

Which works quite nicely BTW. It can select a file from the list, preheat the printer, print, pause, and cancel the print, turn the lights on the printer on and off, turn the power to the printer on and off, reconnect to the printer after a reboot, and since it's connected to my Amazon account for which I have an app on my cell phone, I can do that from anyplace in the country that I have cell service. Also since it's on my Amazon account, it can also control any Amazon enabled devices in the house, as well as being able to use the Fire TV voice remote, or any microphone attached to my computer


On the other hand, it can only (currently) control one printer at a time, I wonder if Snips could control the other one...

Dude, you should totally do the other one up on Google...!

LOL ! Yea, that shouldn't confuse my google powered phone at all

i did set up the account tho, but I got distracted by Snips and Modivius

I'll work something up on this, even if just to entertain my students.

Does your Amazon Skillset include anything related to the webstream or camera? For example can I fire up my Amazon Fire TV and say Hey Alexa, show me my 3d printer or Upload a snapshot of my 3d print? That could be really cool if it could post to your amazon prime photos.

Not at the moment. It's more difficult to stream something back through a proxy since the connection would need to stay open for so long.