Google home/google nest home hub

Is there a way we can have google home linked with octopi.
For example. If I ask google to show me octoprint status, it could display the dashboard on my google hub screen, or if I ask google show me livestream of octoprint it will display webstream on my google home hub or google cast to my tv the live stream.
If I ask google mini the progress of my print, It could reply back with the percentage completed and it’s current status of the printer whether it’s printing/paused/stopped/complete.

I haven't seen anything in the plugin space that would accomplish this task, but you may be able to integrate some form of IFTTT integration between the two using that plugin maybe.

Yeah checked that, not much luck. Surprised no ones created it?
I would if I knew how lol

Checkout the OctoVox Plugin (I'm the dev so shameless plug). It supports both Google Home and Amazon Echo devices and has some of the features you mention above, specifically getting voice responses about the status of print jobs. I noticed I haven't updated the entry in the plugin repository with the Google Home info, so checkout the homepage on OctoVox Github for information on setting this up with Google Assistant.

I'm working on some enhancements, especially making the skill/action available in multiple languages, but the idea idea of showing a dashboard on devices that have a display is a great suggestion and something I may work on in the future.

Hey Johnny, that would work well.
Just installing OctoVox and registered account etc.
However after multiple tries throughout the day I keep getting this:

Hmm....that looks like an issue with Sign-In. Did it ever respond with "Ok your account is now linked with Google"? I'll test again on my device in a bit.

No it never said it was linked.
I’ve verified the account so just seems to be a logging in issue

Very weird, I just started with a fresh version of the app and was able to get successfully authenticated and get status.

Try to re-authenticate by launching the action (“talk to my three d print server”) and then saying Link Account. If it’s in some weird state you can go to the Explore Actions page in the Assistant app, find My Three D Print Server and select Unlink next to Account Status. Then try to relink the Google Action with your OctoVox account.

Ok tried the above.
When I went to the explore tab it says to “link” so I click it. And it comes back to the same page with the “link” button still there. No option to unlink.

That is so frustrating!!

One more suggestion to try, can you attempt to link your account through a browser rather than through the Assistant app? I’ve seen reports that account linking behaves weird on some devices through the app.

Link to Action

What site would I go to to do that via browser?

Ok I’ve even tried redoing the whole lot to another email account and still the same problem persists

Ok got it working, via browser finally.
Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

Ok got it working, via browser finally.
Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for confirming that works @Frank_Offer! Looks to be a very weird issue with the Assistant App on some devices.

For anyone else having this issue (hopefully few and far between!), visit in a browser and perform the account linking from there.

Another thing you may implement in your software.
The ability to cast your webstream to google chromecast?