Goolge Home scripted commands

Is there/ Can I control a Gggole Home enabled drvices via a Plugin that will allow me to turn a Gggole drive on or off.

Ie I can say "Google turn Swith 2 off ', and it turns power point 2 off. I would like to be able to do thuis via a plugin in Octoprint to tune the powerpoint off after a print is finished. This will trun the printer power off, not Octoprint

I dont wish to get ststus messages form google. just control the power.

Is the a way to do this?



Well first of all you need a smart plug or something similar.
Do you have one?

Which would you suggest? There seems to be several available but non to do what I wish.

I should have stated, I running Octoprint on Window10

There are several plugins for different type of plugs: list of plugins

I personally use the tasmota firmware on my plugs but you have to mod the plug yourself in order to use it (I'm using Gosund SP1 plugs) or buy a preflashed one from china.

Most generic smart plugs are running the tuya firmware which also got a plugin.
So if you're from the EU it would recommend a Gosund SP1 smartplug and to either mod it or run it with the default tuya firmware.

I can't really recommend you plugs for other regions.
But if the description says you need to download the Smart Life-App it's probably a tuya firmware plug.