Gpio on a thinclient

So I blew up my Pi :slight_smile: is it possible to imitate gpio with a device like this:

And then running OctoPrint on your PC?
Keep in mind, that when the PC stalls, reboots or makes other annoying things, the print is gone too...

Should work as long as it enumerates properly. The biggest problem you will encounter is most plugins assume Raspberry Pi GPIO (RPi.GPIO).

Yes exactly could I fix this with my very limited coding experiance ?

its a thinclient that wil basicaly run eigther octopi as vm or closed linux distro (debian) So in essence configured mostly as a pi.

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If you're willing to learn.

Are you willing to teach :sweat_smile:
But sure it sound simple think I would just need to change pin references I'll proceed to order it and report back when or/if get stuck.

Bit more than that but shouldn't be awful. You'll want to replace RPi.GPIO with something else. I'm in the process of moving PSUControl to Periphery. Should really just be changing a few lines of code for a quick personal hack.

got it in to keep it as original as posible i installed raspian os but i am puzzled about the octopi.txt etc.

To what is that linked so i can configure dtoverlay=w1-gpio