GPX wont install on OctoPrint on Windows

Is anyone else having issues installing GPX on octoPrint 1.8.1. Its saying its an issue with the package but nothing has changed in the Package since Dec 2020. Anyone have any workarounds or fixes?
Edit0: Uploaded Systeminfo Bundle (17.2 KB)

Hello @ajnorell !

Can you share the systeminfo bundle in your next post?

Apologies (17.2 KB)

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The GPX plugin only supports Linux, and you are running OctoPrint on Windows:


Hi. This has been true for years. I reached out to Mark some 6 or so years ago about this issue. He wasn't interested in supporting Windows installation at the time and that likely hasn't changed.

Consider a Raspberry Pi instead. It can be set up to automatically accept and begin printing directly from a slicer like Simplify3d or Cura.

Since Raspberry Pi hardware is currently hard to find, you could also consider replacing the Windows OS with a Linux OS.