Had development stopped?

I was wondering why there have been no updates to OctoPrint lately. So I checked the GitHub page, and it seems there have been only very few commits in the last weeks.

Has the active development of OctoPrint stopped?
That would be a shame, since there is so much more that could be improved :slight_smile:

You are looking at the wrong places then. Development doesn't happen on master (check the maintenance branch instead, and also devel once I actually get back to that), and the OctoPrint repository is also not the only place where things happen (the plugin repository infrastructure got some overdue love the past weeks, enabling statistics).

And don't forget that anything that gets released also needs development and multiple test cycles first, so it's not like I can push out a new release every other week.

Release too often, people complain ("Why do I constantly need to update?!"). Release less often, people complain ("Has development been abandoned?!"). I can't win it seems :no_mouth:


Gina, you forgot the silent majority who would say "Just keep doing what you are doing". :smiley:

You are a winner in our books! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nothing against the question - it's ok to ask such things.

But your last sentence makes me really mad. You have no idea how much time, effort and energy @foosel puts into octoprint and then some random dude comes in an says there could be much more improved.

I don't really get what you are saying. Just because someone put a lot of work into a project does not mean it's perfect, bug free and feature complete.

Even if it was: the world around each piece of software changes constantly. And the requirements change with it. That's why software is never done.

Oh yes. It could give the winning numbers of the next lottery, so that foosel could hire a few people to manage support and would have more time to develop. :smiling_imp:

I think you're missing the point. All of the efforts put into this project are from nearly a sole developer. It is being actively worked on for both bug fixes due to recent firmware releases, random China motherboard related issues, etc. There are also new features incorporated with these updates and the last update was only 3 months ago. Any quicker of a release schedule without extensive testing etc. is not a good idea from a stable product perspective. I mean look at Windows 10, they release monthly and break thousands of computers around the world with way more developers. Do you want your printer to be broken when you upgrade the host software?

Relative to this statement, there is an extensive plugin ecosystem as well, which has allowed for "improvements" that can in most cases handle a lot of the feature requests that you or anyone else may have. If you are unable to find a plugin that does implement a feature that you think is a necessity the documentation to develop these plugins are readily available.

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So, why don't you improve it, then?

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I don't think I've got the time to pick up yet another hobby :wink:

I am neither a developer, nor programmer, i am a USER.

This software is Flippin Brilliant. VanKurt, if you can do better, why not offer your suggestions/Help/ money to the developer(s).

I had no idea that this great bit of software is/was developed by one person? WOW!! Foosel you are the Man, Err Women. I thank you for Octoprint.

Huge Thanks, and this user is not complaining one bit.

I stopped using Octoprint some time ago because I had a lot of trouble with it. Also I was missing one or two features that were important to me.

So I just wanted to check if it is still under active development.

As has been stated in this thread: It is.

If you can be specific about the trouble and the features, perhaps we can help you.

You know, these types of questions always piss me off... I've been an open source contributor for a number of decades - and there's always someone that seems to present the question of "Is it dead?" with no idea of the amount of effort that goes on behind the scenes.

I'm very thankful for the work that @foosel does - and I try to give my feedback on the betas as they come up - because although I haven't contributed to OctoPrint, it makes my life so much easier.

I have however had the nights of getting to bed a few hours before the morning alarm goes off because I'm just stuck on a problem that I want to get fixed. And this is in projects that I don't receive any income for.

So many people think there's a company and paid developers around all this stuff - and in reality, its just a tiny group of dedicated people that change the world. In reality, if you want something to change - make it happen and contribute yourself. Patches and features are always appreciated in open source. If you just want to complain, then you won't really find anyone willing to lend an ear.

To @foosel and co, keep up the good work, and thank you for making my life easier and freeing up my own time so I can contribute my own little part in improving the world.


Why would the end user need to know how much work has been going on behind the scenes? And what does that have to with the fact that for outsiders it is not obvious if a project is still maintained or not?

No one complained. Calm down, man :slight_smile:

Which would require a huge ammount of time, project knowledge and programming skills that most users do not have.

Can we all calm down now, please? The question has been answered.

Development of OctoPrint is active and ongoing. Mostly by @foosel, but there's a handful of other developers who also contribute every now and then.

While most users may not have those things, they usually do have money. A small contribution to open source projects that are useful to the user does make a difference.

I think everything has been said.

I'm closing this thread now before this heats up any more.