Hardware for your pi


May be this could be something for us octoprint users that need more stable power for your PI

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I'm thinking more like a control box for an upper-atmosphere helium balloon project, autonomous drone or similar. I could see running a robot with a solar panel, though.

I suppose the price point at ~$75 is to be expected for the portability aspect.

If you mean security as in power failure security I would simply suggest a big power bank or a ups for pi + printer.

yes, Battery backup.

Yeah I love to play around with this things too but if you compare value for money I think you get a better deal with a power bank.
An Anker 26800mAh Powerbank is like 50€ and can power your pi for a really long time.

without the PI start to throttle ? I haven't bought PiJuice

well it delivers enough power but I'm not sure about the pi power input.
Sometimes they mess something up like on the current usb-c port (missing resistor).

I got a RAVPower 26800mAh and an Anker PowerCore 20100mAh powerbank here.
Which pi do you have? I can do some benchmarks and see if it throttles.

I have a raspberry pi 3+

Will start the test on a 3+ in a few minutes

Ok. I run a stress test for 15 minutes

pi@octopi:~ $ stress -c 4 -t 900s
stress: info: [768] dispatching hogs: 4 cpu, 0 io, 0 vm, 0 hdd
stress: info: [768] successful run completed in 900s

and it throttled at the first time because of thermals :smiley: so I put a 60mm fan on top which is powered by one of the 5V gpio pins. Then no throttle

pi@octopi:~ $ vcgencmd get_throttled

I monitored it while testing with

watch -n 1 "vcgencmd get_throttled;vcgencmd measure_temp;vcgencmd measure_clock arm"

Testet with the anker power bank. The pi was headless with ethernet 1Gbit and the fan connected.


I've got one project (timelapse rail kit) with Raspi 3B and a 5V power brick. Seems to work well but it's not a 3D printer, of course.