Health risks related to UFPs/VOCs

I wanted to share a concern I have regarding the sudden zeal in worldwide 3D printing round-the-clock in combination with shelter in place and the lack of general safety knowledge for this industry.

Here is one of several safety studies on ultra-fine particles and volatile organic compounds; these UFPs/VOCs are created during all FDM print jobs regardless of material. I worked at a 3D manufacturer down in San Diego and while on-site, there were no less than 20 printers all running at the same time within a relatively-confined breathing space. Since my previous gig was at an aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing site, I was ready to see problems before others might. I raised my concern that the ABS printing wasn't filtered at all and that they could be putting their employees in harm's way.

I fear that so many people are now printing non-stop in confined spaces and could be themselves the victims of their own heroic efforts. It would be ironic if they themselves created a personal health condition in doing so.

Nanotoxicology, cerebral translocation, acute mortality, cardiovascular, etc. Just walk through the bibliography section of that first link for several more studies.

In short, I would suggest that people learn the health risks and then stick to PVA filament, as combined with opening some windows to get an airflow going.

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Sure, every man made pollution is one pollution too much.
But I would like to see a comparison to cigarette smoking or other man made air pollution.

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