Heater Timeout During Pause


I love the safety that the Heater Timeout plugin provides. My printer is in the basement and I'll often preheat it upstairs before heading down to work on it.

However, I had a print fail due to this plugin. I set my print to pause at a certain height. Typically when this occurs the hot end is turned off, but the bed temperature remains at 60°. The Heater Timeout plugin turned off the bed after 10 minutes. This caused my ultrabase style bed to release the print and then be dragged around the bed once resumed.

Can anyone recommend a way to remedy this? The plugin needs to not activate if printing or if paused. Is there anyway to disable a plugin at the start of a print and then reenable it when finished?

I have considered changing the code to include an if statement if the printer is paused, but after looking at it Im not sure how everything is working and my programming skills are limited.


Easiest way would be just to disable plugin for prints you know you were going pause.

I think when I last looked at the github for this plugin people have already raise similar enhancement requests, but doesn’t look like the developer has had time to work on them.

Thanks for the response. That would work, but this also happened when Spaghetti Detective had a false positive that there was an error. It paused the print for me and by the time I looked at it and determined the print could resume the bed had cooled enough to release the print.

My goal is to make this printer as safe as possible. Both Heater Timeout and Spaghetti Detective have saved my butt in the past, but they don't work well together. Right now I have Heater Timeout disabled until I find a workaround.