Help controlling Octoprint from printer using GCodeSystemCommands

I'm trying to shut down my RPi from the LCD of my printer. So far I've:

  • Created a shutdown shell script in /usr/bin/local/
  • Added the GCodeSystemCommands plugin, and set it to execute the script when OCTO10 GCode is received
  • Added a custom menu item in Marlin to send OCTO10

Nothing happens when I select the item from the printer, Octoprint's terminal shows Recv: echo:Unknown command: "OCTO10"

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this is even possible. The plugin author asks that support issues be posted here, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The result you get now in the terminal shows that Marlin is trying to interpret the OCTO10 command, which it does not know how to.

I just had a look at the source of the plugin, and it looks like it only checks for OCTO strings when sending gcode from OctoPrint to the printer, not the other way around. To do wat you want to do, you may need to use another plugin instead: Action Commands. Using that, you would have your Marlin menu item send eg M118 //action:powerOff.

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Thank you! Now I can shut the Pi down from the printer instead of having to pull out my phone.