Help to Octolapse with Canon Rebel SL2

Hi, I wanted some help, I'm trying to configure Octolapse with my DLSR, but mine is a Canon Rebel SL2, which doesn't appear in the Gphoto2 camera list, does anyone know if there is any way to configure it to make Timelapses?

If your camera is not controllable via USB/some other port (using gphoto2), the only other thing I think I've seen is breaking open one of those remotes you can get for cameras and wiring that into the Pi, so that OctoLapse can control it to take pictures. Not ideal, but if the camera doesn't connect to the Pi then I don't know of another solution.

Seems like you can use Bluetooth to trigger the capture (according to this), perhaps you'll need to reverse engineer the bluetooth remote control. I know some Canon DSLR also have a mini jack port for remote control as well, if your model has this, perhaps you could leverage this as well.

Considering it's another version of the EOS Rebel series and it looks like many of those are supported, you may have luck following configuration similar to what's recommended for other similar models.

FWIW, the two I have (Canon EOS Rebel T3 and T7) both have USB ports that allow various control, including shutter. According to the specs on Canon's website, the SL2 also has a USB port, so I'd be surprised if it were vastly different.