Help wanted with DisplayLayerProgres plugin

Hello all,
Since I've switched from Simplify3D to Prusaslicer 2.2.0 i'm experiencing this message every time I start a printjob.
Can anyone help me with a solution?

For those of us who aren't omnipotent, please provide (small) examples of gcode that works (from Simplify3D) and gcode that that doesn't work (from Prusaslicer 2.2.0). Ideally, slice the same object in both, say a 5x5x5mm cube.

Quoted from

  • The layer information works only when the slicer adds "layer-indicator" as comments to the G-Code (CURA-Example as comments like ;LAYER:10 ). Then these indicators are parsed via a regular-expression.

It's all written in the manual:
See the section ATTENTION. Keep in mind that Prusaslicer formerly was called slic3r

PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 does not add a "layer-indicator" by default. In Print Settings, Output options, you can check "Verbose G-code" which will add (along with a lot of other stuff):

G1 Z0.350 F7800.000 ; move to next layer (0)
G1 Z0.650 F7800.000 ; move to next layer (1)

Or you can go to Printer Settings, Custom G-code, Before layer change G-Code, and add (for example):

;LAYER:[layer_num] Z=[layer_z]

which should be matched by the CURA setting.

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I will enter the settings tomorrow and let you know the result.
Thanx in advance

I mean all the settings.

@b-morgan Yes it seems to work allright, thanks for your cooperation.