Help with 2 issues Please

What is the problem?
OctoPrint using the .IMG file.

I see other posts on this but cannot figure out what they did to fix it. Using the NEW .IMG file, I cannot get it to connect to my WiFi at all.

Have a fresh install of the latest of Raspbian and did an OctoPrint install that way. It asks for the user name and password when I connect to the webpage. All the google searches I have done - I cannot figure ou the loging name and password for the webpage once you have installed on an existing Raspbain installation.

Thank you -

Version of OctoPi is latest as of yesterday.

Used a different text editor and got the IMG file connected to my Wifi network. Thank God.

Still cannot figure out the default user name and password when trying to log into it from the webpage. Console using the pi account is fine just not the webpage.

The user/password would be the one you created during the Setup Wizards's Access Control page.

Got it thank you - Much appreciated

I realize this one has already been solved, but just to drop it here for future reference by others with similar problems, there is this WiFi Setup and Troubleshooting guide which was created help those experiencing these sorts of issues.

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