Ho do you install Plugins under SSH?

I accidentally installed Cura Legacy plugin.
I'm stuck at the setup wizard. Octo Print will not let me past it till I add a profile. I don't have a legacy profile to provide. I need to uninstall this plugin and can't find the correct commands running in SSH terminal mode to uninstall it.
Please help?

Go to http://your-ip/recovery to access the recovery page, then start OctoPrint in safe mode.

From safe mode, you should be able to uninstall the plugin.


If worse comes to worse, let me know, and I'll send you a filament profile that you can add to get past that point. Then you can go back and uninstall once the process completes.

Thank you for the help!
I was able to get past it.
I took a more extreme approach; reflashed the image of Octo print.
Up and running again.