Holy Cow, OctoPrint is Awesome!

Just got into 3D printing 2 weeks ago. I have a Ender3 V2 with several upgrades now.
It's printing great for me. The one thing that I was disappointed was the lack of WiFi.
Hate the fact that I have to pass a uSD card back and forth. So being an embedded engineer I was going to make a uSD card adapter that was WiFi for it so i could transfer files. By sheer luck I accidentally bumped into a youtube video yesterday talking about OctoPrint. I gave it a try and
DAM THIS IS AWESOM!!! What a great job!!!!


It is isn't it :slight_smile:

As a side to the WiFi sd card, that's quite along way around it.
Your board is a microcontroller, it has gpio popping off it, you could attach an ESP8266 or such like and add WiFi that way (with adapted firmware). But no need to now :slight_smile: