Homeassistant and Openhab


has anybody has luck with using the HomeAssistant plugin with OpenHAB?

I would like to get my Ender 3 Pro (running Octoprint on OctoPi Rpi4) integrated into my home automation system (one reason is explained here).

My home automation system is OpenHAB. The initial discovery phase works good... then the item is intermittently put offline - I think a relevant line is this

2021-02-14 21:46:49.422 [WARN ] [ab.binding.mqtt.generic.ChannelState] - Command 'false' not supported by type 'OnOffValue': No enum constant org.openhab.core.library.types.OnOffType.false

I described the situation in the OH forum (link), but there they are not sure what the standard says and wheter the Octoprint or the OH plugin is right :thinking:

Any suggestion where to start?


Why should the HomeAssistant plugin work with OpenHAB? Should they work on the same protocol? I'm not familiar with it, just asking questions

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If it's not compatible you could probably add the printer yourself with the help of the mqtt plugin.

I'm also not familiar with it - just guessing.

Yes, there is a HASS plugin (link) for OpenHAB. And actually I have a few Tasmota plugs integrated into my home automation through this plugin.

And here the weirdness: Tasmota plugs send over ON/OFF messages, while Octoprint True/False - hence the error I reported above.

I can start with the plain MQTT, but the fully-populated, auto-discovered option is too attractive to not to try to fix the issue :wink:

I can understand that.

Me, I have oh2 running myself and the communication / coordination between octoPrint and openHAB that there is I rolled my own using mqtt and/or the api.

(I saw no point in recreating an UI for octoPrint in, say, habPanel, but OH needs to know the status and phase octoPrint is in to adapt things like lighting and OH integrates and displays some sensors around the printer - the raspi health (load, clock, undervoltage, etc), custom temp sensors, tasmota at power supply...

The beauty of binding that all together via mqtt is, once you come up with a new 'thing' that needs part of those data, all you need to do is subscribe it to the right channel and it all gets pushed their way.

That said, you could just fork the plugin, find the spot where it gives true/false and change it to give ON/OFF. I see you started discussing the question with plugin author already