HomeAssistant Octoprint integration


I just managed to create what I can call the beta version of this distribution, as you can see by the picture:

I know there are add-on's that communicates with octorint just for retrieving events like temperature, printer status, etc. But this is actually running octoprint in parallel with Homeassistant, as other already existing features like VSCode, MariaDB, etc.

I would like to have some feedback about this idea before I continue it for a release version.

Thank you.

I think Franck Nijhof had created an OP install within HA already, easy deploy mode using docker I assume.

That was also my latest information.

Hi, thank you for the reply. I'll contact Franck to ask about how's the development of that. I'd search around the HA websites and had only found an Integration that polls data from sensors of a remote install using API.

Best regards

So, the above seems to talk about an integration, while displaying an add-on I guess?

Those are different things.

The integration is currently being revamped by someone on the Home Assistant repos.

I've been working on a full-blown add-on (with all possible features, including ingress, integration discovery, supporting all architectures, Octoprint plugins). This is done, however, I've been experiencing serial connection issues, which specifically have a higher chance of occurring on larger prints. Which at this point, isn't an add-on issue, but seems to be kernel-related in the underlying Home Assistant OS.

For this reason, I haven't shipped yet.