Hoping for a plugin realtime odometer

i use filament manager to keep an eye on whats what , but is it posible to have a real time odometer for the selected reel or something like that ,
any help would be great

It is some time ago, when I checked last time.

There had been plugins which could track printed meters on several printers, with a filament stock management.

But they had been paid, as far as I can remember...

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Paid plugins for OctoPrint?

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Spool Manager and Filament Manager are the only two plugins I'm aware of that has anything like this. One could extract the odometer class from that plugin and possibly make a real-time one like you mention, but not sure how accurate you could get it. I'd be more inclined to go the load sensor route and use something like Filaweigher or SmartScale plugins.


Spool Manager & Filament Manager look fine. Even with PostgreSQL support to be able to support several printers! I think, both had been abandoned back then, when I looked.
The only plugin I found only supported a single printer, which was a dealbreaker for me then.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I didn't use them myself. Hence, I wonder why you would suggest the smart scale approach the better one?
Is it the inaccuracy in the small grinder gears in the extruder leading to false readings, i'd guess?

The one I found, had been commercial solutions for running a print farm with dozens of printers.
For sure nobody would code something like this for free.

You make money with my software, you pay me. :wink:

Also they had been full fledged SaaS business...

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Yeah, filament manager was adopted.