- Track Online status or External IP changes

Hi guys, I'm a fan of servers and SoC gadgets like raspberries that are running our OctoPrint services.
A long time ago I've made a Free and simple service for your internet-connected devices. You can track online status or External IP changes and more...

This is helping me to know what's my home IP address and track its changes. Be notified via email, webhook and slack. So every time my internet provider changes my home router's IP (not static), I know about it immediately. So when I have my octoprint service exposed through a router to the internet, I don't worry anymore about these changes, because this service is watching on it for me.

Setup is really easy. Register and simply add a new device. Then add one line of curl script to your crontab as is described on the device page and you're done!

I know, there is also octo-everywhere, but not suitable for everyone/everything.Perhaps this will help someone here :slight_smile:

Also, I found this: SSH into your private machines from anywhere, for free, using Cloudflare Tunnel | Ben Butterworth

Seems to me like a good thing among other tools for IP/Remote management like this one above or octo-everywhere.