How do I change timezone

I'm using a plugin called Display ETA.
I need to change my timezone but I have no clue what the instructions on authors homepage mean:

I'm using a mac.

Hi @sw3De!

You have to log into the RaspberryPi via SSH (e.g. with Termius).
There you enter the commands the author mentioned on his github page.

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Thank you,
I tried to login with terminal but it says that I’m entering the wrong password.
Is it not ‘raspberry’?

I was also expecting to enter username but first question I get is for password.

I typed in ‘ssh 192.x.x.x’

I guess I don’t have to point out that I suc* at this :joy:

Try ssh pi@192.x.x.x :slight_smile:
(password raspberry)

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Ah, thanks :pray:

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