How does Octoprint calculate cost?

Howdy! I'm running an Ender 3 Pro with Octoprint (obviously).

How does Octoprint "default" cost calculation work? I have a $13 spool of filament, which I put into Spool-manager to track use and remaining. When I go to print things, not sure if the info from that is used or not, but the default cost tracker that shows up in the upper left corner of the screen gives an amount that seems really high.

As an example, it is showing this:

Cura says the print is 37g. With a $13 spool, I calculate the cost to be $0.49, but it shows $1.09. Are there other costs that it is using, or is it pulling info from somewhere else that I may have left in the system at an earlier time?

OctoPrint doesn't calculate cost - this is the plugin, most likely the spool manager plugin (though I haven't checked). I'd double check all the details there are right.

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I believe the cost plugin also calculates electrical usage. It has default values that need modified to your values, but that price isn't off from what I would expect to see

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Thanks, you set me on the right path. I didn't realize when the UI changed to include cost. It was from a plugin Cost Estimator. Settings -> Plugins -> cost estimator. I updated the settings to point it to Spool-manager, added my electricity costs, and not the costs are in line with what I think it should be!