how many maximum instances you can put on ocotprint ?

I'm trying to find out how many maximum instances you can put on ocotprint.

I have raspberry pi 4 (4go RAM) and i have 6 printer
what do you advise ?

Thank you


Hello @Dylan_Decool !

My advice?
One RasPi with OctoPrint for each printer.

It's more reliable in case of issues with one Pi. For example: Just one print messed up instead of six prints.

And very recommended if you are using the printers for earning money.

Most of the comments from people running 3D printing in production like the one-pi-per-printer method. It's very easy to mess something up and it takes out all the printers, vs just the one.

That said, if you want to run multiple instances it is possible, but you have to be careful about how much you run. Definitely not 6, maybe 2-4 without webcams if you take the risks of failure set out above. It is also dependent on which plugins you run, how many web interfaces are all open at once, the more you try and do the more you will run into problems. It's very variable, so the answer is it is possible but not recommended to over-strain the Pi.