How to customize the favicon on the browser tab using Themify?


Need some help with using the Themify Plugin.

Does anyone know how to theme the favicon shown on the browser tab?

I don't know if it's possible because with Themeify you can manipulate the CSS settings of the site. The favicon is hardcoded at the very beginning of the site.

The only thing you can do is change the colour of the icon in OctoPrint Settings -> Appearence.

You may pull a request on the OctoPrint github for inserting an own icon.

For the record, that won't be accepted. I want at least a TINY fraction of branding left intact in this project.


Understandable. :+1:

If you'll reject all changes for setting a custom favicon, then please at least consider not using the same favicon on every Octoprint related site, to the point that I can't tell which tab is my actual Octoprint tab and which is one of the other related sites like or

Some of us keep a dozen or so tabs open and rely on the icons to tell which tab is which site.

Settings > Appearance > Color will also influence the favicon color for this exact reason.

And for the record, I'm rejecting debranding in core. Plugins are free to change stuff.