How to customize the web page splash screen

Prusa has a new nifty "loading" animation for their website that I'd like to use on my personal OctoPrint install on the web page "loading" splash screen. I was able to capture the animation (it's a tiny 2kB svg animation), but I have no idea where in my OctoPrint install what file I should replace. Where in the install directory tree is the asset for the default loading animation that is used on the splash screen? (Yes, I know I'd likely have to reinstall my changes on future OctoPrint updates.)

Also, I wonder if a splash screen customization plugin would be useful for institutions to brand their installs to provide things like contact information or specific rules (even have an optional "continue" button they could turn on get past the splash screen so their users have a chance at reading the info). I wonder if I should have posted in the "Plugins" category... :wink:

pretty sure the spinny thing is part of the bootstrap 2/fontawesome libraries included with OctoPrint. IIRC, the dots are just an icon, that with the spin class causes it to animate.

The only customizations that I've noticed on the splash screen have been with the UI Customizer, where it's css classes are loaded immediately during boot. I would look into possibly using advanced customizations with UI Customizer and add your own specific icon to replace the built in one. The tricky part would be getting the icon somewhere to load from. You might be able to do some tricky css content tricks to replace the text in areas on the page as well.

selector::after {
  content: "My additional text to show on screen.";

I do know you can get pretty neat animations with pure css as well from some recent videos I've seen from this YouTube Channel.

My problem is I don't even know where in my OctoPi's filesystem to find what is served by the (apache2?) web server. I've looked around using WinSCP to see if I can even find the webserver's config file(s) to at least tell me where to start looking. But, it's been a long time since I've done this level of maintenance on a linux based webserver that I'm not sure where to start looking. Is OctoPi's webserver based on apache2? If so I can start web searching how to configure that type of server to see where the default page is stored.

It's been so long since I've dealt with the back end of web servers, I was hand-coding HTML4.3 at the time and never learned css... (Mostly because my computer then (Amiga) didn't have a browser that could handle css at the time...) Yeah, I've got some catching up to do. :wink:

It's not using apache. OctoPrint runs from python using flask and tornado. That's why I mentioned the css approach as it would probably be the simplest method. Of course, it could be done completely in a plugin, but would require a bit of work.

As for the location of things more than likely you'd find them in the ~/oprint/ folder somewhere...

I guess the apache2 stuff that I found on my install is a red herring, probably because it is a normal part of Debian. My bad.

I'll see if I can find anything promising on the project github and see how that translates to the install. Wish me luck. :slight_smile: