How to get the extruded filament data from Octoprint to Node Red

Hi guys, does anyone know how to get the data from Dashboard plugins like extruded filament from Octoprint to Node Red? I have looked through the Master Documentation of Octoprint REST API but still can't get any asnwer.

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Job related

Job information

Name Multiplicity Type Description
file 1 File information (abridged) The file that is the target of the current print job
estimatedPrintTime 0..1 Integer The estimated print time for the file, in seconds.
lastPrintTime 0..1 Integer The print time of the last print of the file, in seconds.
filament 0..1 Object Information regarding the estimated filament usage of the print job
filament.length 0..1 Integer Length of filament used, in mm
filament.volume 0..1 Float Volume of filament used, in cm³
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