How to install libraries for temperature sensor

Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I'm setting up my new DIY printer enclosure and I want to add temperature control via the Octoprint Enclosure plug in. I've got a DHT22 3 pin module which I believe means I don't need a pull-up resistor. So I have the DHT22 5v and gnd pins connected to a seperate 5v 40a PSU that I'm going to power a lot of bits and pieces from and the data pin to GPIO 4 on the Pi. I don't see any temp values in Octoprint and I think this is because I have not installed the libraries it mentions in the Enclosure plug in when setting up the DHT22. My issue is that I don't understand how I install these libraries. I'm connected to my Pi via my laptop with the octoprint server open in a browser window. But how do I install the libraries from there? I have tried using the same Pi ipaddress in VNC viewer to see if I can get into the Pi rather than Octoprint but that does not work. How to I get into a Pi terminal rather than the Octoprint terminal?

EDIT: I have now worked this out and installed the libraries. But I am still not getting my DHT22 module to work. I have installed the libraries, they are in /home/pi/Adafruit_Python_DHT does this sound right? Do I have to change any files to set the correct type of sensor?

I have gone to the examples folder and typed sudo ./ 22 4 but I don't get any readings. I also have a DHT11 so I've tried that and its same, also tried different GPIO 26 and still same,

I thought the temp/humid sensor was going to be the easy but of this enclosure prototyping haha.