How to integrate OctoPrint in backend in android application?


I'm building an android application in which I want OctoPrint to be integrated in backend so I can display the content or result on through my application. I want help with how to begin? Please provide links if possible that will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @kamalmistry,

the most easiest way is to include a browser into you app and connect it to OctoPrint.
If you want to include OctoPrint to your Android cellphone you may look here for some major information.


Thank you @Ewald_Ikemann.
I want to integrate OctoPrint in my application in a way that a user doesn't get to see any actual design of OctoPrint. I'm just using the OctoPrint to derive the result/data from it and display it in my application design.
@Ewald_Ikemann do you know any alternative to do above? Anyone?
Will be much appreciated


You might want to take a look at: