How to modify print temperature "on the fly" before print start?

What I wan't is : starting a print, let the température raise the GCode specified value next having the "home" done in gcode then "pausing" the print.
Now modifying the temperature in octoprint then "un pausing" the print.

this way I can re-use some gcode I have with other material, just changing the global temperature.

So, I haven't succes in doing so, what should I do ?

Which part didn't work?

I'm pausing the print.

setting an upper temp (ie 250 and 90).
when I'm validating temp, they fall back to gcode value (225/60).

Next when I'm trying to "un pause" ... whithout any success.
buttons won't respond.
the only that work is "cancel" :frowning:

A serial.log would help us to see what's going on.

You can add offsets for the temperatures in the UI:

interesting approach - but why not ^^

Here is my Octoprint.log

octoprint.log (181.1 KB)

Tried around 15h50 from my phone. next, tried with firefox from PC, next tried with chrome from PC.

I though How to modify print temperature "on the fly" before print start? - #5 by Charlie_Powell adding offset was about temp regulation that printer will print in between set temp and set temp + offsetted one. Will give a try. Thx

When I'm close to printer, I haven't keyboard and screen to edit GCode file. (for manually set up temp)
now, I wish I can overide GCode temp with octoprint just before print start when onsite.

@Tofoillote I may have misunderstood (there a lot of that going about) but there are many variables other than temperature that are related to material selected when GCode is generated. If you have the STL's you will almost certainly get better results if you reslice but of course if you don't thats not an option.

@Charlie_Powell I liked your suggestion of using the Offsets so I did an experiment and the Bed offset appears to work but the Tool offset does not.