How to reset octopi username / password

Hey there,

i searched the internet for hours now, only to find entries to octoprint over and over, which is not solving my problem.

I am running octoprint with octopi on my raspberry pi.
I forget my username or password to login onto my raspberry pi.
I still can access octoprint and still have my password and username for it.

I need the username / password for my octopi, to login via SSH.
I tried to login to my raspberry pi locally, but it also asks me for username and password.
Is there any way to reset it or grant me access?


For SSH you need the raspbian username and password.
If you did not changed them, those are:
username: pi
password: raspberry

yeah, the problem is, i changed them but cant recognize.
Is there any way to reset or change them, without reinstalling the whole thing?

I've found these in the www:
Link 1
and this:
Link 2

I hope they help


i already tried that.

I get the error "Authentication manipulation error"
Then i tried to put it in read and write mode (as mentioned on your 2nd link), but i get the error cant find partuuid=....

I assume you saw the first comment with the second link.
Seem it gets tricky...

yep. /dev/mmcblk0p2 is already mounted or / busy

/e: okay, i am dumb, i forgot the "remount" all time....

So heres the conclusion for everyone with the same problem:

Follow the instrutions on
Use WordPad instead of editor, as the command has to be in one line, editor didnt do that for me, even it looked like.

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I have octoprint on windows, how do I reset the password??

process is similar to this, you need to open a command prompt, activate the venv using the command path to venv\Scripts\Activate.bat then run the command to reset the password described in that link above.

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