How to use PrintTimeGenius?

Hi, I installed the plugin. Where is it on the Octoprint browser?

Also, according to this webpage:

"After first installing, you must run M503 in order to import your printer's configuration."

How to do it on the Prusa i3MK3S+?

The plugin just works when you install it :slight_smile: There's no tab for it other than in the settings, where you should be able to scroll all the way down to the section where plugin sections are, and see "PrintTimeGenius". If you've run M503 in the GCODE terminal you're good to go! Simply upload a file and it will analyze in the background. You should see a gold star next to the filename, or by the estimate when you're printing, indicating that it's analyzed by PrintTimeGenius. You can also go to the settings and analyze a file manually through there.

If the plugin doesn't show in the plugin list, and it has no settings, then something is wrong and the install failed or something :smiley:


Thanks. I can see those gold stars. Where is the time estimated by PrintTimeGenius? I only see the time typically shown by Octoprint. Perhaps because I have not run M503?

How to run M503 in the GCODE terminal? Just type: M503 ?

Yes - while the printer is connected.

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Thanks. I did that but nothing seems to have changed. Is the "Print Time Left" under State on the top left of the browser now under the control of PrintTimeGenius to report a more accurate estimated time?

Print time left should now be a more accurate figure than it was before.

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