HTTP request Encloser Plugin, to power on or off my Tevo Little Monster


I remote control a relay with the enclosure plugin, works perfectyly in Octoprint

Sometime, il would like to power on or off with my Domotics server via HTTP request controling the encloser plugin, is it possible to do this ???

thanks for your aswer.

I've built a Domoticz switch control plugin. OctoPrint-Domoticz

My box isn't Domoticz, it's Eedomus

I searched and found :
[VAR1] is the raspi ip and [VAR2] is octoprint API.
The links are :
To power ON : http://[VAR1]/plugin/enclosure/setIO?status=true&index_id=1&apikey=[VAR2]
To power OFF: http://[VAR1]/plugin/enclosure/setIO?status=false&index_id=1&apikey=[VAR2]