I don't understand gcode viewer

I'm new here and to Octoprint, but not to 3D printing. Sorry if this is in the wrong category.

What is the significance of the blue and red triangles that show up in the GCode Viewer plugin that is bundled into Octoprint? They disappear when the check is off for show retractions. They both appear at the same time sometimes during the print, but the way my computer works, it seems like a bunch of things happen all at once in the viewer, then it pauses, then a bunch of things happen. I can tell which way the print head moves with the green dot, but making sense of the red and blue triangles I have not had success.

You answered your own question :slight_smile: those are retractions :slight_smile:

Retracts and primes

OK, thank you for that. I didn't express myself correctly. I should have asked what the difference was between the blue triangles and the red triangles? So the red triangles are the retractions and the blue ones are the un-retractions (primes)?