I get a consistent warning during development

Is it at all possible to supress warnings during development? My guess is this is due to the deprecation that has lead to the final move to Python3. This error is just spammed every second a 10s of times, and is really making debugging difficult.

I replied to your question on Discord earlier already: Discord

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Thank you Charlie!

For future reference. The solution is disabling debug mode by removing "--debug" and enabling logging for individual plugins and processes in the settings of Octoprint in the settings menu.

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Just an update from my side. The proposed solution worked perfectly. Just remember to enable logging in the settings panel for whatever you need and ignore the "safe mode" warning that will tell you that plugins wont work. Just click "ok".

Also, use debug logs to be able to easily dofferentiate your logs from the white logs from octoprint and see everything in blue.