I have installed the recover from a power failure addon

Hi all

I have been printing 4 day print and it has died. power failure is allowing me to start were I left of. Well not quiet is restarts 10 mm higher is there a setting that will allow the print to restart the same distance from the bed as it left off?


I haven't used the plugin yet - but I guess it's this setting:

Critical: Determine if your printer has Z_HOMING_HEIGHT set. This setting raises the Z-axis on any homing event to avoid collisions. You can check your printer firmware configuration or in a resting state issue the command G28 X0 Y0 in the command terminal and observe if the Z-axis is raised, and by how much. This value is used for Z_HOMING_HEIGHT.

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I have never used octo print at this level before. The stalled print is siting on the bed. So I don't want to get in the way of resuming the print.
Here is what I have done I have changed values in Z_HOMING_HEIGHT for 10 to 0, -10, -20, -50 No change in the high above the print.

If I send G28 X0 Y0in the command window will that move the print head to 0 0 and additional 10 above? will it negatively effect the resume coordinates?
Thanks for the input.

It really depends in your printers firmware.

Negative values should lover the printhead after leveling. But thats just an educated guess - I never used the plugin before

This is not the way the plugin works. You need to install the plugin and set Z_HOMING_HEIGHT before you start printing. If there is a powerfailure or a printer disconnect, once the printer is reconnected it will generate a recovery_gcodefilename.gcode. If you don't have that recovery file already, there is nothing that can be done with your current print (other than measuring manually and editing gcode by hand).

I don't recall instructions on that when installing. I should have tested on a test print first.
I have never edited the gcode file.
So what code in the file should I move the starting Z height down? I think I must have the recovery file as the print is attempting to resume Would that File in the same directory as the original? Can I do that within OctoPrint?
On future prints. If the do I change the Z_HOMING_HEIGHT from 10 to 0 to get it to resume on the line it left of at?
Do appreciate the learning importunity.


I fixed the problem though It was the hard way. I started a small print after adjusting the z offset in Power failure config. I tried using a negative number but that raised the Z offset up.
To test each value I powered down the printer and powered up. This created the recovery file.
I ended up with a plus number that now starts right on the proper Z coordinate.

I attempted to edit the recovery gcode but no changing of the file had any real effect. So I lost the 4 day print. I started again with the settings in power failure that appear to work.
Any ideas why editing the had no effect would be appreciated.

appreciate the input
Bee Happy

I kinda have the same problem. I had this plugin installed but had a wrong Z_HOMING_HEIGHT in my configuration. After a power failure i have the problem that the printer starts 10mm above the actual print. I dig into the gcode file and changed the following line:

G1 Z-0.0 F200 ; correcting Z_HOMING_HEIGHT

to this here:

G1 Z-10.0 F200 ; correcting Z_HOMING_HEIGHT

and for the first layer the printer starts at the correct height. But after this layer he again shifts back 10mm up. The only thing that I dont understand is why is he jumping z up at this gcode?

M204 S500
G1 F1500 X32.889 Y44.015 E209.86546
G1 X32.913 Y43.557 E209.88071

You should not have to edit any gcode manually. The instructions state (clearly, IMO) that if your printer raises 10mm on homing X or Y, just put 10 in the Z_HOMING_HEIGHT setting box and it will correct for the height in the recovery gcode.