I’m confused about the ETA red dot

So there’s the ETA and a red dot. I’ve seen on these forums that red means it knows the ETA is wrong. But when would it be anything different? And what other colors can it be? What do the other colors mean? I’ve never seen anything other than red. Also, are there any settings or plugins that I can use to help the ETA be more accurate? Thanks

this is just an estimate. As each printers vary with speed, it may or may not be correct.

The dot can be red yellow or green. Red is the worst confidence in the estimate, green is best confidence.

If you want really accurate print time estimates, use the PrintTimeGenius plugin - it does a more in-depth analysis of the print file to truly work out the print time.

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And it puts a star next to estimated print times to really make you feel special xD

I rode the short bus to school because I was special. Is this the same thing??? lol