I need a use for my NFC Tags

Hi, so about 10 years ago, I got into Lego Dimensions, then Disney Infinity, They were interesting because of the NFC tags. Anyway, fast forward to now, I still have the portal and characters. I'm looking for a plugin that prints a certain print if I place, say, Iron Man on the Disney Base, like a Benchy, but would have a separate folder so I don't delete the files without realizing what it is. I just need a use for the tags and bases, if you can link a 3D printing use for them, I'm all ears.

Hello Liam,

sorry, I know nothing about Disney Infinity (output format? API?) but since you were calling for ideas:

  • assuming it can somehow output the ID of the tag it saw to a bash or python script you could build yourself a NFC OctoPrint remote for commands like Pause, Resume, Stop, Print Again,... You won't need a plugin for this, just a couple of API calls from a bash script to the OctoPrint API will do. You can have as many commands as you have tags.

  • say you have a home automatisation / smart home system and you want it to react somehow when you arrived at home like play your fav music or set the alarm system to 'calm down' or simply turn the lights on: you could 3d print a RFID key holder and put one of the tags to your keys. Arriving at home you slip the tag into the holder, the RFID reader recognizes the tag and starts all the routines. Added benefit: no more searching the keys when you go out :slight_smile:
    example: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3970973

Just my 2Β’, have fun

Ok, so if I split open the area of the disney inf figurines and got the NPC tag, is there a plugin that executes a command once it registers the nfc tag from the figurine, by the way the base that runs DI is essentially an NFC tag reader with the Disney logo, if it wasn't, I couldn't play it.

NFC tags are really cheap so there may be alternatives to breaking the figurines apart. I figured the base would be a reader but what does it do? What's the output?

I bought an RFC reader module at Aliexpress once, it came with a handful of tags included and would need a microcontroller like ESP8266 to drive it. Has a bit of a learning curve but it's do-able.

The main thing is: the reader reports the ID of a tag once it read it. And then you can do different things based on which ID it is.

So, with your Disney thing: if you wish to give it a 2nd life you wd need to find out what is inside the base and how you can get different outputs for different tags (figurines)

I think I've seen a video on a project that created a reader for those Disney tags using pi.

There is a teardown and a program to change the led colors and this guy came closest to doing anything useful with the thing but from what I understood you won't get far without your own RFID reader.
Another project focusses on a Lego board which is said to be very similar